Safety and Rules



Safety and First Aid:

For any emergency situation, call 911. UC Irvine Campus Police have jurisdiction over the Ecological Preserve. UCIPD patrols the Preserve and assists the community in enforcing the rules and regulations, along with all applicable federal, state and local laws. UCIPD can be reached at (949) 824-5223.

In a non-emergency, please report safety-related incidents, questions, or concerns to reserve management personnel. UCI-NATURE Administrative Director: Megan Lulow, 949-500-8754


  • Fires are not allowed on the Reserve.
  • Do not remove, collect, prune, or disturb plants, animals, cultural artifacts, or any natural material without prior consent of reserve management.
  • Be respectful of adjacent private property. The Ecological Preserve is bordered on the southern and eastern sides by the University Hills residential community.
  • Stay on authorized trails and do not create new ones. This protects fragile habitats and plants, as well as the nests and burrows of animals. (P.C. 594)
  • Keep your dog on a 6’ leash at all times. This ensures important research projects are not disturbed. It also reduces the chance your dog will pick up cactus thorns, ticks, foxtails, and other hazards.  (IMC 4-5-701)
  • Carry out any pet droppings, as well as litter. The viruses, bacteria, and parasites pet waste might carry could transfer to other animals.  (P.C. 374.4)
  • Do not smoke in the Preserve or bring fireworks or firearms into it. (UCI Admin. Policy 903-23, P.C. 626.9)
  • Do not bring bicycles, skateboards, motorized vehicles, or horses into the Preserve. They can damage trails and degrade fragile wildlife habitat. (CVC 21113(a))
  • Do not remove any insects, seeds, plants, or plant parts from the Preserve. They are important food sources for wildlife. (P.C. 484)
  • Please respect the research that is conducted on these lands. Tampering with or removing research equipment compromises data and destroys valuable work.

Education and Research:

  • Users must obtain permission from reserve management before conducting activities. Please fill out an application ( for approval or contact UCI-Nature Administrative Director with questions: Megan Lulow 949-500-8754.
  • Required state and federal permits must be provided prior to conducting work.
  • All publications resulting from the use of the preserve must acknowledge the University of California. Please use the specified language provided in the NRS Acknowledgement Form, ( available from the reserve manager or the NRS Web site (
  • Submission of Metadata – We request that researchers fill out a form describing each data set (e.g., title of the data set, the investigator’s name, mailing address, e-mail address, an abstract, keywords, and temporal/spatial coverage of the data). Please enter such metadata online at the NRS website ( For ongoing multi-year studies, researchers need to submit a metadata database entry at the end of the second year of such a study and, again, upon completion of the study. Failure to deposit both the bibliographic and metadata information as requested may lead to automatic denial of future Use Applications.
  • Submission of Bibliographic Data – Researchers will need to provide reserve management and with the full bibliographic citation (whether for a report, thesis, book, research paper, conference proceedings, etc.) within six months of publication. We ask that you include the reserve name within the publication. In addition, researchers are required to provide paper copies of all publications or an electronic version (PDF file) to the reserve manager.
  • Provide coordinates or appropriate geographic files of field research locations to reserve management for maintaining use records for future users.